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Alero Ikomi Svärd

Instruktör för NYD Crew.

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Om Alero

Alero was born in February 2002.

Dancing is a part of her Nigerian culture but has also been a huge interest of hers.
She started out dancing with her Grandma whilst she was playing her drums and singing some of the songs she would sing at home in Nigeria.

Shortly, she started trying different styles. The first time she danced at a dance school she did showdance around the age of 5/6. Since then she has danced ballet, hip hop, afrobeat, heels etc. The list goes on. Her favorite dance styles are hip hop and afrobeat.

She has choreographed for some of the crews and held classes at New York Dance since 2017. Her first crew was Millennium Army which was a show group. The summer of 2020 she worked with Kul i Malmö for Urban Summer Dance Workshops. She also has been in a few projects for Peach Collective, Persabiel Seyoum and more.

Dancing for her is not only about the dancing part but also the process of creating something really cool. However her favorite part of dancing is just the vibe and how we all can catch it.

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