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Chanan "Jak-Hamah" Lareche

Instruktör för SBE Troop.


Instruktör i HipHop, Freestyle/Open Cypher, Hustle, Whacking,

House, Stomp & Workout.

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Om Chanan

Jak-Hamah, aka Chanan Lareche, has been dancing all his life. He has always been interested in the hip-hop culture. When he attended college, he also learned “Stepping”, and was apart the school Step-Team. At the end of his college career, he was co-founder of the Hott Sawse Dance Crew, and realized at the same time a desire to have intense dance training. Chanan has choreographed for recording artists and has been to multiple countries such as Italy, Greece and others to teach dance, and also made it to the semi-finals of Juste Debout ’11 and won Funkin’ Stylez Finland ’12. He now runs Passion Dance Studio, small dance center in Sweden, and although he considers himself a continuous dance student, he wants to teach and give back to street dance what it gave to him.

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