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Sara Brancaccio

Instruktör i Balett, Jazz & Barngympa.


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Om Sara

Sara is born in 2006 and raised in Italy. She started dancing at age 5, focusing on ballet and contemporary classes in her hometown, Milan. At 8, she began taking dance more seriously, viewing it as a passion rather than a hobby. Although she had plans to audition for La Scala Ballet Academy but her young age prevented it.

By age 12, she explored video dance, similar to girly hip-hop mixed with commercial dance. Moving to Sweden in 2020, she joined New York Dance, embracing street dance and honing her skills in beats and flows.

Over the years, she realized the importance of establishing a foundation for dance development. Technique is key, and ballet provides a strong base in posture, flexibility, and overall body control. It contributes to strength and grace essential for various dance styles and complements other forms.

Starting ballet early benefits by developing skills and muscle memory during crucial stages of physical and cognitive growth. Younger bodies adapt better to ballet training demands. She is thrilled to be part of kids’ training and dance growth.

After thirteen years of dancing, she is excited to embark on a new journey as a dance teacher at New York Dance. She looks forward to the semester, spending time with kids doing what they both love.

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